Still, expectant.

I pass this dinghy often when I am biking or walking or driving around the Otago Peninsula.
I like it.
The boat that is, although I like the peninsula also. And the biking and walking and driving now that I come to think about it. I have photographed this boat many times. Every time I pass it looks different. Every time I see more of it.
Re - vision.
The boat is obviously cared for, useful to someone but I've never seen it used. It's waiting, expectant, hopeful.
Like me, tonight
I finished my services today for the last time in a long while. The old pattern of the week is shelved for a while because this week I start my sabbatical. In the past, sabbaticals have been frantic fact finding mission with some urgent purpose so that I can justify (to myself) the time out and the expenditure. This time it's going to be a little calmer. Clemency has a limited amount of time off, and when I do the bit with the airliners she's going to come with me. In the meantime, the doctor is wanting to think about some question marks he raised the last time he leeched off some of my blood, so I can't do the mad galavant around the country examining Anglican churches that I had originally intended. I need to be home for a bit within easy range of a doctor with more sophisticated leeches, so I'll not be getting too concerned with the Anglican church and its ministry models. Instead, I'll be reading Emmanuel Levinas on the philosophy of being . I'll go back to tussling with Meister Eckhart. I'll be trying to rethink myself and what it means to be a consciousness in a body. Revision.