Just On The Spur Of The Moment

The wonderful thing about being a Myer's Briggs P type personality is being able to make decisions without any planning. It's a long weekend. My niece is being married tomorrow in the Anatoki Valley, behind Takaka . With about 2 minutes thought and 10 minutes planning we are going to go. We'll leave in an hour to drive the 10 hours or so to my sister's house at Kaiteriteri. On Monday Clemency will fly home via our daughter Bridget's place in Wellington. Sometime next week I'll wend my leisurely way southward taking pictures all the way down the length of the South Island. I mightn't add much to this blog between now and then, but who knows? They have the power on in Nelson now, and even, so I am told, internet.


Anonymous said…
Dear Kelvin,
Yours is the first blog I've ever got to and its great. I'm big on snap decisions. Great stuff and I hope you have a fabulous time especially "The South Island from the Road" bit.

Take care

Anonymous said…
Gorgeous photo and an excellent decision!
~Sue 3/week webshots