Flying Cormorant

I have always been pleased with this shot, even though it's not your classic ornithological portrait of a shag. Today this guy left the following comment on it:

"“The day you teach the child the name of the bird, the child will never see that bird again.” – Kristnamurti. I want to add to that and say that the day you give the child a camera, the child might see the bird again."

It's great when someone gets it.


Janice said…
The lens sees the bird
and records it on our hearts
flying forever

A rose in first flush
heartstoppingly beautiful
the camera's gift.

The man in the bed
is whole and healthy; he is
beloved of God.
VenDr said…
Thank you Janice. A beautiful poem. Yours?
Janice said…
Yes, mine; I should have said. Three poems, actually, haikus. I'm thinking aboout you today, and thanking God for your speedy recovery, as I believe we must trust that it has already happened. God will not fail you, Kelvin.