I'll See You Around

I'm ready to go. I've seen the surgeon and the anaesthetist. I've had my drink of fleet (DON"T ask. But let me assure you it works very well indeed). I've packed my bag - all the important things:

* Bible
* Cellphone charger
* Ipod charger
* PDA charger
* Bits of gear to attach to the above
* Pajamas, Dressing gown and slippers
* Toothbrush and shaver and all that stuff

Now the tricky part. What books to take? It's only 4 days or so and I'm going to be unconscious for one of them and queasy for the rest, so let's not go overboard.
* A couple of New Scientists (thanks Alan)
* Playing God (a book of poems by Kapiti Coast doctor and poet Glenn Colquhoun.)
* Love Poems From God. Twelve Sacred Voices From East and West (Spiritual poems from a variety of religious traditions)
* All Shall Be Well... (a novel by Tod Wodicka)

Poems you can give as much time to or not as you please. Let them make you think or just appreciate them for the beauty of the words. Read one or a dozen. It doesn't matter. Magazines: great, just so long as there aren't any pictures of Britney Spears or the Duchess of Cornwall, so New Scientist is usually OK. The novel looks good, but I'll see how I feel.

So tomorrow I report for duty at 9:00 am. I will be operated on at 11:00 or 12:00 (depending on how long the guy before me in the queue takes) and the operation will last about 4 hours. I'll be awake in time to watch England get resoundingly thumped, yet again, by the All Blacks but I'm not counting on staying awake for the whole game. In a few days I will bang my ruby slippers together and say "there's no place like home." Until then, I doubt I'll be adding much on here. I am deeply grateful for your friendship, your interest, and particularly, your prayers.

I'll see you around.


Anonymous said…
Best wishes, may it go well.

Anonymous said…
With Love and Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery, Kelvin,

Jane (UK)
Alden Smith said…
Welcome back to your Blogspot :)