Progress report

I'm glad to say everything is excruciatingly, boringly ordinary. Like a lumberjack I sleep all night and I wake all day, which is a welcome return to normal service. I'm walking most days, except for ones like today when the forecast high is 6 degrees. I have a very neat but nevertheless impressive scar which is rapidly learning an invisibility charm. I know which muscles to flex before I sneeze and mostly I remember. I'm on sick leave for another ten days: that looks about right. I expect to be back at work on Monday 4 August.


Anonymous said…
Good to hear. Go easy on the pressing wild flowers.
Tillerman said…
Good to hear you are on the mend. You now have an impressive operation to share when the conversation lags, but please use your discretion when showing your scar.
Kathryn said…
It's wonderful to know that you are feeling so well.
6 degrees! BBbbbbrrrrrr! Keep warm.
I think we are expecting about 18 deg. here & we've got the heater on!
hellee said…
I'm really glad you're better! Thank you for your comment, I really appreciated it...(and have also contemplated the weirdness of our decision being viewed as weird when, as you say, in every other decade it was more or less normal!)

Love and smiles

Helen :)