Thats it!

That's it. I had the last bit done at 8:00 this morning. It took 5 minutes: short and sharp. Eye wateringly sharp. But now, 4 hours later all is described by Spike Milligan's answer to the question, "is anything worn under the kilt?"
There are blood tests in August, but here's hoping. The odds are, this thing is gone for good, never to return and plague me again.

And for today, it is wonderful to be well.


Janice said…
Kelvin = God and I have made up, and only some of it was about you! I'm glad the main part of your ordeal is over, and I have to say I have gained a lot of insight through your willingness to so publicly bare your soul through this - you are a brave man, I think! So, thank God for his mercy, and thanks for the Anglican jokes. Church choirs being what they are, thought you might like to add this one to your collection:
How many sopranos does it take to change a light bulb?

Only one, because the world revolves around them!

(My apologies in advance, to all the sopranos whose feathers I have just ruffled - it was just a joke!!
And it wasn't about the Mafia Sopranos, so you guys put your machine guns away! Geez!
kathryn said…
I'm so glad you're feeling good again, now that the worst is over.
Stay positive and know that all the people who care about you will keep praying for your good health. I'm sure God still has much for you to do. Your Blog has been enlightening for me, and fascinating too. I'm so glad we met again after all those years, it was for a reason, I'm sure!
Maybe we'll catch up again at the school reunion in January 2010.

God Bless You, Kelvin

In His Love,