An Invitation To Walk the Way

I am indebted to Brian McLaren for the reminder that the way of Jesus is not a thing that is to be possessed, or a state to be entered, or an institution to be maintained, so much as it is a path to be walked.In my last entry, I briefly reviewed his book Finding Our Way Again. I would like to talk about the book, perhaps on here, but not only on here. I would like to discuss it, but I don't want to teach it. I would not like to trade and refine ideas about the book, or acquire more knowledge, I would like to use the book to help me walk further on the Way of Jesus. So here's the deal:

Anybody who would like to talk about the things in Finding Our Way Again is welcome to come to my place on Thursday September 11 at 7:30 pm, and for subsequent Thursdays for as long as it seems good to continue. I will advertise this in my parish, but to come you don't need to be a member of St. Johns, or an Anglican, or even, I suppose, a Christian, although seeing as I want to talk about following The Way, just know what you're letting yourself in for. I will provide a warm place and a cup of something hot to finish with but I don't intend to lead a group. If you want to come, you'll need to be aware that once in a while it will be your turn to begin the conversation and try and keep it on the rails. It'll be quite easy as all the questions are neatly laid out at the end of each chapter. Oh yes, although I will order a copy of the book for the parish library, it's probably a good idea to try and get your own one.

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, send me an email, or add a comment on here, with your name, or phone me, or even just turn up on the night, although it might be helpful to know numbers in advance. If it's me and the cat, I guess that's what God wants, but I would like a few people to act as traveling companions. Think about it. You'd be very welcome if you can make it.


Tillerman said…
Although it wouldn't be as good as discussing ideas in person I would be interested in discussing this book online.
I have gone to the links for Brian McLaren and Emerging Church on your last post and there is certainly a lot that is worthwhile discussing.
Anyone taking part would have to be given the time to purchase and read the text - most of my purchases of this sort are done through Amazon - So a realistic timeline would be useful - that's if in fact you wish to discuss online.
VenDr said…
You could always come to my place on Thursdays, and let's not hear any wimpy excuses about Whangarei being too far from Dunedin. But in the event that you can't be bothered making the mere 2000 km commute, there are a number of alternatives:

We could, you and I discuss this by private email, as we have done so many other things in the past. We could set up an email list of interested parties and talk about it with a wider group. We could discuss it here, or I could set up a separate blog for a little while.

Or, there are many sites given over to the emerging church. One I have recently subscribed to is a Seatttle based group, Anglimergent, -see the links on the main page. Another is Share - an English site -also with a link on the main page. Both sites have blogs and forum areas where this book could be discussed.

I agree, it will take a week or two to acquire a copy, but it could be discussed, chapter by chapter as it is read,which is pretty much what I'm hoping for on Thursdays.

One note though. When all is said and done there's a lot more said than done. I don't want to merely discuss a book. I want to DO something. I want to walk the path.
hopestreet said…
last night I watched "As it is in heaven". Couldn't help but notice the striking physical resemblance between your good self and the local pastor in the film. I am confident that the resemblance ends there and that the relationship you have with your music director is far more healthy!!
blessing for the thursday group.

Anonymous said…
I am sure that Alan and Kelvin (not to mention Helen and Clemency) will vouch for the health of the relationship between the vicar of St John's and his music director...
Anonymous said…
Rather than 10 separate Amazon orders to 10 different addresses, why not ascertain how many people want to come on Thursdays, get the money from them and do a bulk order to be delivered to 1 place - then start the group running a few days after they've arrived?
VenDr said…
I'd be happy to do that. I guess I could take a stab at numbers and file an order, or wait a few days and see what sort of interest there is. I'm rather hoping that this won't be a book group, or a discussion group, but rather an expression of following the way together. We'll wait to see what emerges.

And yes, I was a bit nonplussed the first time I saw As It Is In Heaven. I have bulked out a bit over the last few months and grown a beard again, so the resemblance is not as disconcertingly close as it was. It's one of my favourite films by the way. Similar in many ways to Babette's Feast or even Chocolat where a surprising Christ figure transforms a rigidly Christian community by the gift of themselves.
Tillerman said…
I will see you on Thursday and please remember it's Tea for the Tillerman, preferably in a China cup, none of that Post Modernist coffee drunk out of those pretentious cups the size of soup bowls please - a chap has his own inane, banal prejudices to maintain you know.

Its a process really isn't it, the talking and discussing begets the doing which requires more discussion etc.

It is the doing part that I like about meditating, I feel I am actually doing something - the same goes for spiritual exercise books such as Anthony De Mellos' book Sadhana - I can do these with good outcomes (usually). After that it is a question of how to integrate the knowledge, skills, awareness and understandings into everyday life in some sort of meaningful and productive way.

Walking the way together in the sense you intend does involve relationship and community on a more intimate level than is possible for me at this distance but I shall be there in spirit. (hope that doesn't turn too many people off.)

I guess the first 'doing' bit for me will be to read the book when it arrives and take it from there.
Anonymous said…
First you started the sect - now you've found the text. When can we expect the spaceship?
Joking apart, and ready or not, I'm interested - though I would be interested to see how you can prevent "walking the path" chapter by chapter from degeneration into a bookgroup/discussion group. Also worried about group dynamics because that always gets in the way for me. Worries apart, would you order one for me too?
Anonymous said…
growing a beard is not going cover the double life Kelvin. you see I have just read your profile on anglimergent and I note your day job there is listed as (I quote) "vicer of Roslyn". What may I ask does the vicer do?!
is it the rooter out of vice?
the suppression of all music vituoso?
or worse.
Could it be that indeed you have been away filming is sweden these last three months??
Tillerman said…
Yes, I too was intrigued by the "Vicer of Roslyn" especially as I have known Kelvin for over forty years and been party to... well, party to.
Unfortunately my lips are sealed and absolutely nothing, nada, zilch, will entice me to make revealing public statements regarding the underlying nature of this telling psychological slip; ... Absolutely NO - THING, except large amounts of dosh, certain favours of a negotiated nature or 50kgs of ginger fudge... can't say fairer than that.
VenDr said…
Vicer - it's the old English spelling, from the Latin vicertun to be six (VI) times as correct (certain) as anybody else. When someone uses this ancient spelling it's a sure sign of a proper adherence to the true faith. That, and knowing in which order to blow out the altar candles and having a clerical collar of the correct height.
Anonymous said…
tillerman, in the interests
of transparency and the safety of my anglican brothers and sisters up the hill, you must come clean.
all manner of vice could emerge(nt) covorting down Highgate. and where will it end???

( cant get the damn google blogger thing to work.)
Tillerman said…
Well Hopestreet, Anon above, made reference to filming in Sweden and I do know of a Roslyn Bergstrom who was a Swedish actress and there is the rather murky issue of the "Lost 3 Months" - hmm, I've never been one to be fooled by logic, underneath all appearances 2 plus 2 has always added up to 5 in my book and then there's all that post modernist jaw about the moon not being made of green cheese... and yes, yes, yes Roslyn Bergstrom did live in the 19th century but let's not let facts get in the way of a good story.

Anyway why am I telling you all this? you haven't even offered my lowest price - 1/2 a kilo of ginger fudge - pheewth (or some other appropriate sound of exasperation)
Anonymous said…
The image you use here with its reflections and potholes is very appropriate.
I'd be most interested!
Strangely the two books I am reading right at the moment might be of interest.When the Heart Waits-Sue Monk Kidd and Religion on the Healing Edge- Frank Stetzer.
I've long thought we need to return to the way Christians lived their faith in the century after Christs resurrection.
...Ill be there!
VenDr said…
One small issue. I had some drama with my crtedit card: lost it, searched high and low, rang up, cancelled it, and then, you guessed it, found it. The upshot is, I can't order any books for another week or so until my new passport to the wonderful world of debt arrives. People are probably best to try and find their own ones - the Christian bookshops will probably get one faster than I can right now.