I started back at work today, although it never seems like work to me.

It was a very cold day. The water left from yesterday's rain was frozen and Dunedin streets were treacherous. Given that going out this morning meant that bones were guaranteed to be chilled and risked being broken, many opted to stay home and watch the Olympics instead. We had 8 people in church at 8am and about 90 at 10 am, well down on our usual muster. I was a bit zonked by the time 11am rolled around, not helped by having a cold, but it was great to just be there, to see the familiar faces and to feel part of it all again.


Katherine said…
Take care, get over that cold soon! I've been looking at your lovely photos and having summery thoughts to warm me up. I know I know, Tauranga is a lot warmer than Dunedin, but it's still down to ...[checks outside thermometer] -3ÂșC at the moment.
Good to hear you're back at the helm, too.
Tillerman said…
Have a good week and yes good to see you are back at the - tiller - good word that.
Kathryn said…
Dear Kelvin, please take good care of yourself. Not another cold? And there you are out in the freezing cold with your camera, clicking away at every beautiful thing in sight!
I'm so sorry that your results were not so wonderful. I have just caught up with your last 3 posts!
I will continue to pray on your behalf. God is good and he is getting used to answering lots of requests from me :-) and he doesn't get sick of them at all.
Your congregation must have been very happy to have you back where you belong,too.

Keep warm and cosy, bask in the loving prayers that everyone is sending your way.
Brian R said…
Thanks for visiting my blog, I feel I have been sprung, was just lurking for a while getting the feel of the land. Glad to see you are back at work. Will be in Dunedin first week in November to check things out and planned to attend cathedral (worshipped there in 06) but also your church.
VenDr said…
Your blog is interesting and you write well. It was a pleasure to drop by at your place, and I am sure that somewhere in the city one of our parishes can offer you a congenial spiritual home, but I hope you will add us to your shortlist.
The Cathedral here is a fine community of faith and in an interesting position - waiting to appoint a new Dean. There are people with great vision and there's certainly lots to be done at St. Paul's - you will be very welcome there, as you will be at St. John's.