What Browsers are people using? Just curious. I've been using Firefox, and have IE and Safari sitting unused on my computer.In the last couple of days have been trying out Chrome. So far I really like it: simple, clear, stable, easy to use and quite fast. It has a couple of ways of navigating which are quite novel and very helpful.  What do you think?


Peter Carrell said…
Hi Kelvin
Have just started using Chrome myself (instead of Explorer on my Windows XP laptop). So far, very good. On our home Mac we use Firefox instead of Safari, but both are good.
gregcarroll said…
Have a look here (
I have played with Safari - doesn't always display Web2.0 stuff very well; Opera - crashes more often than any others for me; Firefox - seems to slow down over time but does Web2.0 stuff consistently; and at the moment my browser of choice is an OSX tweaked version of Firefox called Minefield.
Does it well for me. But I am on a Mac ... :-)
Anonymous said…
I downloaded Chrome the day it came out but have since moved back to Firefox.. not entirely sure why as Chrome does seem to handle some files better. There are a few missing (or perhaps I just haven't yet found them)functions ,eg the "Stop loading this page " button, that I miss.
Anonymous said…
Mozilla and Safari - both OK. On a Mac.
VenDr said…
So far I really like Chrome. It's crisp and clear and fast. I have, however, found one drawback that might stop me using it. It is very limited when it comes to writing and editing blog posts. Right click on a selection and Chrome gives me a menu with 8 options. Firefox gives me 17. Chrome is only a beta. Perhaps when the proper version comes out it will have improved.
Katherine said…
I've heard good things about Chrome. I use Safari on my Mac.
nie said…
I use Safari, Bram uses Firefox and sometimes Camino. IE is a last resort.
Might try Chrome when it comes out later this year for Mac