Birthday in Hong Kong

I woke up this morning on a 777. I still can't quite believe that this great U shaped convention hall can fly. Not only that, can fly in a straight line from Auckland to this murky, noisy, teeming place where every single one of the taxis seems to be the same make of car (Toyota Crown Comfort)and where not one of the millions of people going about their business with such determination knows me.

I don't know how we managed it on our budget but we are in a hotel with inlaid marble floors and where someone has gone to an awful lot of bother to spread fresh chrysanthemums around the place. We look out of our window and there, seven floors below, on the roof of the fourth floor, is an enormous swimming pool. I don't have any togs, and marvellous though they might be, 777s are not great places to sleep, so I won't be swimming. We've walked though a market.Two or three blocks of shops selling flowers, another couple selling birds and pets, and all the low priced tat that China can produce stacked up in four lanes down the middle of the road. There are some bargains to be had, especially if you ar in the market for umbrellas and t shirts. Tomorrow we'll explore a bit more and head for Rome in the evening.

I'm wearing a St. Christopher's medal. I know, I know, I shouldn't be pandering to that sort of superrstition, but it was given to me, and it somehow symbolises the prayers of all the people back home, so I'm carrying their faith with me around my neck. And over the last 24 years we seem to have been looked after. I left my camera on a cafe table in Dunedin and a lovely Indian family ran breathless after me to return it. Others have appeared at just the right time and given smiling assistance, including, incidentally, the lady in Auckland who weighed our hand luggage. A piece of medieval fiction he might be, but St. Christopher certainly seems to be on the job.

No picture I'm sorry. The hotel internet computer doesn't have the right slot for my camera card. Next time maybe.


Peter Carrell said…
When I was Vicar of St. Christopher's, Blenheim South, I was slightly chagrined to learn that the RC Church had 'downgraded' St. Christopher to some status less than a full saint. But then, what would they know about saints compared to us Anglicans????
Kathryn said…
Happy Birthday, Kelvin. I was thinking about you today knowing that you also were turning a year older.
I'm so glad that you are feeling well and that you are on your way to Europe for your wonderful holiday.
I think St Christopher has a lot going for him, he kept me safe for years after an uncle gave me a necklace when I was 11 years old.
Have a great time and I hope you enjoy every moment.
God Bless you, KH
Anonymous said…
When my sons James & Thom were babies in Mainland China in the early 1980s, they were, in love, both given little Bhuddist amulets by older Chinese friends. James had his presented on his "100 day birthday" in North China; Thom at his "30 day birthday" in the South, with its historically lower infant mortality. I have kept these red-corded trinkets, though some Chinese Christian friends have, through the years at different times, urged me to burn them. They were given in love - as was your St Christopher's medal. Travel well, Kelvin & Clemency!