Progress report

I've had a good day. My meditation went especially well this morning. I've dropped 4kg in the past month and my pants fit better. I had a great breakfast of the world's most delicious muesli and spent the day meeting and talking with interesting people. I had a cup of coffee in a very pleasant cafe with my friend Richard.  I've felt ridiculously fit and well all day. Preposterously well. Absurdly, egregiously, farcicaly well. There was a fleeting moment of anxiety as I headed into Mr. North's office but it was dispelled somewhat by hearing him conversing with his nurse immediately before the appointment. He was describing a Monty Python skit and laughing like a drain. He wouldn't do that if he had to shortly put on the black cap before passing sentence on me, would he? No, apparently not. His news was good.

I have some measureable PSA but it's now heading down into margin of error territory. Over the past few months  it has a) stopped growing and b) started to drop. An active cancer doesn't do that. An active cancer doubles and keeps on doubling, and the doubling rate is what you have to watch out for.  Mine has shrunk because of either the radiotherapy or the lifestyle changes or both. What's important now is to keep on bolstering my immune system in order to see the nasty little blighter off for good. I will kick him when he's down and keep on kicking. I will flood that little dark place with light and keep on seeking the light.

This morning I thought a bit about healing and cure. They aren't the same thing. For a few weeks now I have known that I am healed but I wasn't sure whether or not I was cured. Today I have good reason to believe I am both. 

For this and for all I've learned from it this past year, thank you, thank you, thank you, my Lord. 


Brian R said…
Thanks be to God.
Dan Gurney said…
Yeah, and hooray! That's good news.
Anonymous said…
Yay, that fabulous news Kelvin!!
God is awesome!!
Arohanui - Biset
Alden said…
What blessed news indeed - so happy for you Kelvin :-)
gregcarroll said…
Brilliant news!
If we don't see you in person before the trip ...have a much deserved fantastic time. I know Clemency is sooo looking forward to it.
Greg n Jane
Katherine said…
I'm feeling happy reading this. It feels good to me that the world is likely to have you in in for a longer rather than a shorter time :-)
Anonymous said…
I can't imagine better news than that you are well.We all have so much to learn from you and with you. Take life by the scruff and go with it, enjoy every moment, every step as you complete the tasks ahead. My first real prayer was thank you, thank you Lord on a wonderful beach one sunny morning - thank you Lord for all your miracles in our lives.