Paris.It`s big. It`s beautiful. It`s stylish and fast and varied and everything people said it would be. We arrived on the TGV on Saturday after a trip through the French countryside at about the speed a plane goes just before take off. There were the immediate problems, on arrival, of figuring out exactly where we were and how we were to get to where we should be, but people are helpful and the Metro, once you figure it out, is amazingly efficient. We have a very lovely little apartment near the Bois du Vinciennes, about 15 minutes on the Metro from the centre of Paris, and we have been walking,walking,walking. In all our perambulations I didn't find an internet cafe until now,and this one uses continental keyboards, with the keys stylishly lit navy blue on black. It looks fantastic but it's extremely difficult to use.I've checked my email, and I'll pop back later to write something a little more substantial, although I don't think I'll be posting pictures until we get to England in June.


Anonymous said…
Kelvin, see if you can fit in the Musee d'Orsay if you like Impressionist art. La Sainte Chapelle should not be missed either. Not a great fan of Sacre Coeur but the view is great, similarly from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.
Brian R said…
I agree with all anonymous has said. Paris is my favourite city, Spent 14 days there in 2002 and another 11 days in 2007 both times in an apartment at Tolbiac. Not central but cheap and with the metro location is not that important. Went to a concert at la Chapelle in 2007. It was Vivaldi's 4 seasons but the surroundings made it memorable and we did not have to queue. I just love wandering and sitting in cafes watching.