On October 11 I was elected as the 9th Bishop of Dunedin. This was not something I had planned on or looked for. I went to the electoral synod as nominator of another, strong candidate, and argued vigorously on his behalf for all of the Saturday of the synod. On Sunday I was nominated from the floor and elected.

Our church's processes are slow and thorough. It has taken about four weeks to have my nomination approved by the bishops and the general synod. This has now happened and I will be consecrated bishop on Saturday February 27 2010 at 1:00 pm. On the weekend of the synod three people told me of specific dreams and premonitions they had concerning my election. Since then there have been other similar experiences reported to me, one from someone who was several thousand kilometres away from Dunedin at the time. These serve to reassure me that God is calling me to this. I am somewhat apprehensive about what lies ahead, but also excited and eager. If God is calling, it can only mean that there is a task to be done and the resources available to do it. I am grateful for the support given me over the past few weeks by those who have known. I look forward to working with the many, many deep, spiritually aware people I will be privileged to lead into new and exciting ways of making God's Kingdom more manifest in this astonishing part of the world.


Alden Smith said…
Congratulations Kelvin, it takes courage to answer a call like this, and I am sure that as you answer that call it will mean growth both to the community you serve and to you personally.

With Love - Alden
Anonymous said…
Kelvin - every blessing to you and Clemency as you start this new ministry. I am encouraged to hear this news for Dunedin.
It was lovely to meet you both back in May and show you around Canterbury Cathedral - maybe you'll be back before too long and we can get into St Martin's this time!

Brian (ex-St Matthew's)
People's Warden St John's Roslyn said…
It is amazing and exciting to hear how the Holy Spirit was working in the electoral synod. And what an incredible year! In April, there you were, kneeling in St Chiari reflecting on the progress of Francis and his task; did you imagine that this would be happening for you later in the very same year?

It is just as well ours is a 'God of Surprises'- we don't have(or need) time to be daunted; and we know He will provide.

St John's parish is SO thankful that the God of grace has allowed you eleven years with us, and you are well aware of the deep effects of your ministry on so many people over this time.

We are praying for you and Clemency as you consider all it means to leave the vicarage and settle to a new home and a new way of working. We will be available for you, in whatever ways you require, to carry out God's purpose for His church, in this,as you wrote, astonishing - and inspiring - part of New Zealand.

The parish is truly thankful that you will not be too far away!
youngone said…
Congratulations Kelvin. Kay and I followed your pilgrimage to Santiago with great interest. We are delighted that the church has made such a wise choice for Bishop. Our prayers are with you and all your family. Go well my friend.
Brian R said…
Congratulations Kelvin. I have been wondering who the new Bishop would be due to my, hopefully soon as the house is on the market, move to Dunedin. Only disappointment is I have been telling everyone the only person I know in Dunedin is my to be vicar. Well, I read your blog and have attended one service just 12 months ago :-)
kiwinutter said…
As one of the "younger" members of the church (well, I have young children - does that count?!) I just want to say YIPPEEE!!

VenDr said…
Kiwi nutter, one of the great things about being in the Anglican Church is that I'm 57 going on 58 and people still think of ME as a young man.
VenDr said…
Thank you all. I am amazed and overwhelmed at people's kindness and good will. It was a strange old day yesterday, being buouyed by my parish's joy and excitement on one hand and sharing their apprehension about about a separation on the other. Our parish is a truly amazing community and we have been part of it for 11 years now. It will be hard to leave. One of Catherines first reactions was to ask tearfully "can we still go to St. John's on Christmas Eve?" - she cannot imagine an authentic celebration of Christmas without a packed, probably candlelit midnight service in our lovely church. But obviously, I am not the only player in God's great plan. he loves the parish more than I do and will have its next development well in hand.
rochelle said…
Hallelujah! That's great news, Kelvin! We will have you and Clemency and your family in our prayers in this transition time.

Rochelle and Marty
margaretkiaora said…
Been reading your blog since May, and followed you round on your travels , you will make a great Bishop.

Margaret Rowling North Yorkshire UK
Howard Pilgrim said…
Congratulations, Kelvin, you were a strong candidate even if you were not a candidate, and should make a great bishop. "God does not play dice" ... Einstein has got to be right there, but on the other hand something like a quantum jump has just happened in your life. In God's presence, everything is possible.

For outsiders observing this black-box electoral process you now seem to have spent the last few weeks in a superposition state as both bishop-elect and not bishop-elect, and since the announcement has been made the interference pattern known as speculation (aka gossip) has disappeared and you are a definite but changed entity once again.

Having had an interest in the ramifications of quantum theory aroused by your previous posting, during your indeterminate period, I fear that you will now have much less time and energy to invest in pondering deep mysteries ... and Dunedin's gain will be your readers' loss.
Anonymous said…
congrats. emergentkiwi blog is now truly honoured to be on a bishops blogroll. very cool.

are bishops allowed to blog, or will that change now you speak on behalf of a wider communion?

go well, in the power of God's Spirit

VenDr said…
Thanks Steve.I intend to keep up the blog, but you do point out a very salient issue: I don't have the luxury of a personal point of view on some issues any more, at least, not publicly. But I am greatly encouraged by Bishop Alan's blog - http://bishopalan.blogspot.com - who seems to manage the balance very well indeed.

I'll keep it up, but if it seems like it's tottering into church notices territory, I hope someone will let me know PDQ and I'll give it up.
Brian R said…
You might also visit
Thinking Aloud http://www.bishopdavid.net/
Kathryn said…
Hi my dear young friend, Kelvin. Well I definitely think you are young :-)
Congratulations on such a great honour of being elected Bishop. I always thought God had even bigger, more important work for you to do - you have spread your thoughts, beliefs and ideas far and wide over the last year and a half or so and have reached so many, many people across the globe. We have been honoured to have been on the journey with you via your Blog.

I wish you and Clemency my very best wishes for the next chapter of your lives.

May God Bless you both,
In His Love, Kathryn
daharja said…
Oh gosh!

Just when I thought that I was getting to know you as a fellow blogger in Dunedin, you've gone and become a Really Important Person!

Seriously, though, it's wonderful news. I was a bit worried we'd end up with some stodgy old codger, and we've ended up with - you!

All good news :-)

I'm really happy, and really believe that God has been moving behind the scenes, electing the very best person for the job.

I know you'll be awesome in your calling, especially as you really do know personally, more than most, the depth that life can bring us, as well as the dizzying heights.

Blessings and love,

Leanne - at The Chorister and Cluttercut - and also at St. Paul's in the soprano section 3x a week :-)