Windows 7

I upgraded to Windows 7 this week. Easy really. That nice Mr. Acer sent me a personal letter with a couple of disks in it; he promised these to me in August when I bought one of his PCs loaded with (shudder) Windows Vista. I popped the disks into the computer and followed the instructions. An hour later, all was accomplished. Not that you'd know it. Apart from a new start up screen, a revamped taskbar and a couple of little changes in the systems accessories, it all looks and works exactly like Windows Vista. With one big difference. Vista fell over at least every other day but I've had W7 running for about 36 hours now and not one single Blue Screen of Death! Wow! Amazing!


Peter Carrell said…
Updated reports would be appreciated - with a change of job/laptop coming up, and another daughter off to university I would like a sense of assurance that Windows 7 is, as the number implies, perfect!!!
(signed), Satisfied Windows XP User
Alden Smith said…
"The Blue Screen of Death, now there's a name I haven't heard for a long long time young Skywalker"

(maybe its because he used an AppleMac???)
daharja said…
I'm with Alden.

"She went to a Mac, and she never looked back".

Sounds like a pretty good epitaph to me!