This is a first for this blog: an advertisement. For a play in the Wellington Fringe Festival. I'm doing this because a) my daughter helped produce it and is in it and b) the other documentary theatre piece she was involved in was so darned good I would hate you to miss out on seeing this one if you possibly can avoid it.

How awkward was your first kiss? When was the last time you experienced a death? Have you ever had to tell someone for the first time that you were gay?

They say everyone has a story to tell – and we’re telling them.

Bare Hunt Collective brings you back/words, a new piece of documentary theatre.

Five of Wellington’s freshest acting talent have gone out into the community to interview a range of Wellington individuals – everyone from an eight year old girl, to an elderly couple, to a young gay man.

Their stories have been recorded on film, and will be acted out on stage – word for word. Every movement of the person, every voice quirk, every shifty sideways glance, will be acted out. Honest words, from real people.

And if you thought it was hard enough to act out the lives and stories of real people, we’ll have their voices in our ears. Using iPods while on stage, we’ll be reminded exactly how they told the story.

back/words is a unique form of theatre, and is a performance that shouldn’t be missed. Check out the fantastic new show at BATS Theatre 17th-21st February 8pm as part of the Fringe Festival, thanks to Creative NZ.

Book at BATS on 802 4175 or email

Ticket Prices: Full: $16, Concession: $13, Fringe Addict card: $12

Cat Wright, Chris Dawson, Jackie Shaw, Scott Ransom, Victoria Abbott