One of the things I have enjoyed most about this blog has been the comments left by readers. Sometimes these comments have led onto some very stimulating -well to me, but maybe I am too easily excited - conversations. Over the past few months though, the blog comments have been increasingly swamped by spam , which are machine generated rubbish in English, Korean and Chinese advertising electronic tat, penis enlargement, pornography and get rich quick schemes. These get screened out by the moderation process, but it's tedious to have to do it, and means that comments have to wait a while before appearing, so now I am trying out word verification: you know, typing in some nonsense word to get your comment published. Let me know what you think of it.

In the meantime, would you like to buy this handy electronic gizmo for increasing the size of your dangly bits, thus allowing you to make gazillions of dollars from starring in videos for raincoat wearing audiences?


Peter Carrell said…
Those 'raincoat wearing audiences' would be, er, your fellow citizens of Dunedin (making aspersions only about the weather, of course) ... but haven't they spent their gazillions on a roofed in stadium so they won't have to wear raincoats ... now I have confused even myself :) ... yes, re comments and funny words, I am afraid the key word is TINA !!
Katherine said…
No thanks! But no problem with the word verification. Which coincidentally might be something to do with your last question: It is 'hasdingle'
JoanK said…
Dear Kelvin - I enjoy your blog and go for the word verification - spam is annoying!

When is your consecration date? I would like to add you to our parish prayers. Please give our love to Victoria Matthews.

Joan, Winnipeg Canada
Peter Llewellyn said…
Your word verification thingy is much user-friendlier than the usual incomprehensibles (not three incomprehensibles but one incomprehensible). But how long will it be before the baddies figure out how to crack them? - I have software that can read my handwriting, which is quite an achievement by any standard. I have taken to marking my students' essays online, because I thought they deserved to be able to read my otherwise impenetrable wisdom.

As for my funny word, you are obviously aware I'm an Aussie, 'cos you've given me "regidna", the queen of the echidnas. It is clearly a sign. I have wriitten (or typed) two articles arguing that the echidnas are taking over the world. It's happening.
Anonymous said…
Dear Frend,
I am widow of beloved husband Dr Ole Akintoye. After lifetime of faithful serving the Lord in financial services in Umuahia and Port Harcourt, my beloved husband placed our savings of US$2 million in Ghanaian bank account, to be use for spreading the Gospel in world. I want to release these funds for your Esteemed Ministry! Please send bank account details and PIN number so I can arrange transfer to bless your Ministry!

Your frend in the Lord,
Gloria O. Akintoye
Merv said…
The thing is .... if you make it too hard to comment, how would you ever find out about Dr. Akintoye's $US2,000,000 available for your Esteemed Ministry?