Looking Ahead

On Thursday I had a novel experience - at least, new to me, anyway: a Diocesan Council meeting that I actually enjoyed. Partly, it was because the meeting was very well chaired by our dean, Trevor James. We got through the agenda precisely on time, made crisp and recognisable decisions, and nobody felt harried or rushed. Partly it was because there was a great deal of goodwill around the table, amd people seemed, genuinely, to want to listen to each other. Mostly, for me, though it was the fact that we looked forward, and made some significant choices about the road we might take together as a diocese. This wasn't a regular meeting of the council, but was rather, a sort of brainstorming session and the recommendations will need to be presented to a proper meeting of the council at the end of the coming week; but it was encouraging. Exciting, even, to see that there is a way ahead and to catch a glimpse of what it might be.


NIE said…
Oh Kelvin, that is such an encouraging paragraph.
Our God is indeed GOOD!
As you have said so often, the listening is so vital. The more we all take/make the time to listen to God and to each other,the greater will be our chance of discovering and actually living the Way of Love.

May God bless and reassure you with more moments like that Dio.Council meeting as you prepare to lead us.
daharja said…
Hi - Dean Trevor James is probably far too modest to let you know about it, but he has just started up a blog as well, so I thought I'd let you know instead :-)

It's at http://octagonnotes.blogspot.com.

Just spreading the word!