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The ODT ran a profile story abut me today. You can read it here:


Brian R said…
Thanks for this. Have just bought the paper but no time to read it as I am rushing to get to the cathedral but then I do not have a reserved seat :-)
After moving 2000 odd km to a new parish, I am disappointed you are not to be my Vicar but thank God you are to be my Bishop.
For obvious reasons I may be a little more pushy on the acceptance of homosexuality and hope I will not be in the half of the church that is disappointed. However your views on this, interpretation of the Bible and the value of other spiritual experiences are so different from what I experienced in the Diocese of Sydney.
I will be praying for you, hopefully within the cathedral, and certainly in the days ahead as you lead the Diocese.
Jason Goroncy said…
'... a lack of Anglican reserve'. I like that :-)
Simon said…
Encouraging to see a regional newspaper giving decent space to a profile of a new bishop and coverage of the life and ministry of the church.There is very little of that understanding of what the church is about left among journalists in the media here in the UK. Every blessing for your new ministry.
VenDr said…
The young guy who wrote the article is a member of Knox Presbyterian church; he asked excellent questions and knew what I was talking about when I answered them. I really enjoyed talking to him, and the article was, I think, a pretty accurate presentation of the hour's conversation we had- in terms of both tone and content. I'm not sure about the Kenny Rogers comparison, although to be fair, one of my daughters did make the same link a couple of years back when my hair was longer.

Brian, I'm sorry too that we had such a short time together at St. Johns. I hope I can do a good job of finding you a congenial vicar.
liturgy said…
Yay! We have a blogging bishop!

Blessings on your real world and virtual world ministry

I also linked to the positive ODT article


daharja said…
As part of the floor show (just the choir, nobody important), at least I didn't have to scramble for a seat on your special day! It was so crowded!

I don't buy the paper, so thanks for the link. It seemed a fairly well-rounded article to me, and a nice piccy.

Congratulations, and best wishes for your future as Bishop. We all wish you well in the choir at St. Paul's.

Cheers, and many blessings,

(one of the St. Paul's Cathedral sopranos)