Monday, 30 May 2011


 I have been taking some photographs of late and I'll share a few here.

 This is a detail of the Balclutha Presbyterian Church. I liked the way the red brick contrasted so strongly with the green of the shrub, and the way the little blue shapes in the window seemed, quite accidentally, to give a nice counterpoint to the rounded shrub.

 This is a detail from a boatshed near my home. The harbour was still and clear this morning, and I strolled along the shoreline looking for just this sort of shot.

 The sun was reflecting of the buildings on the other other side making these dramatic stripey lines
Last week I went to Doctor's Point, just North of Dunedin on another still clear Monday. This is a bit of a huckery old boat, but I liked the way thediagonals of the ropes interacted with the diagonal of the bow.
I was very taken with this little group of trees and took several shots
By and large, I prefer this one with its invitation to the wide open horizon.

These are quite typical of the shots I am coming home with lately, but I've been wondering why so few of my photographs contain people, and, whether or not I should do something about that.


Gene Packwood said...

Good eye.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because people get fussy and possessive about being photographed? Trees and boats are much more obliging.

Anonymous said...

Please may I use the final picture of the trees for Evensong at St John's on Sunday evening (Hospitality in the Trinity)?