A Little Bit of Chaos

It's a bit chaotic down at the office at the moment. At Peter Mann house on our groundfloor are the administrative staff, and upstairs we have a library and offices for our ministry educators.While those who administer are performing a vital ministry without which none of the rest of us could function properly, I think  the present arrangement gives the wrong signal. When most of our people utter the phrase "Diocese of Dunedin", I think they think of administration and desks and bits of paper. I have long hoped for something else. So we are moving the downstairs folk upstairs and the upstairs folk down.

It looks a bit of a mess at the moment, but in a few weeks, what people will see when they enter the Diocesan Office is a library, comfy chairs and small tables around which people may sit and gather and meet. There will be a retractable screen and an unobtrusive data projector and access to the vast collection of excellent resources built up over many years by Alec Clark. We will have a daily program of worship, open to those who work in the building and whoever else wants to join us. I hope that between Alec, Benjamin Brock Smith, John Franklin, Bronwyn Miller and myself we can produce a program of ministry enhancing events that people will wish to take advantage of.  I intend that Peter Mann House will be a place where people will feel welcome to sit for a while if they are visiting Dunedin (or, for that matter, if they live here) and have a cup of coffee and chat. I hope it will be a relaxed and friendly and invigorating environment for our truly superb administrative staff to spend their days in.

There will be a little period of chaos while we sort it all out, and I hope that no-one will be much inconvenienced; Mostly I hope that the chaos will resolve into enhanced ministry in the Office and throughout the Diocese. Why not drop by and have a look next time you are passing?


Anonymous said…
That's a good, positive development - floreat. If the church is not first of all about helping people find faith, grow in faith, and praying for others 'outside the circle', then it's got its priorities wrong, and projecting a sincere welcome in Jesus is essential.
The Catholics had a good library many years ago in the Moran building in the Octagon, but I don't think it exists any more, or it has moved elsewhere.
Peter Carrell said…
How come you get to choose when you have chaos? Why not have an earthquake to help things along? :)
Anonymous said…
"How come you get to choose when you have chaos? Why not have an earthquake to help things along? :)"

Teenage kids work just as well.
Elaine Dent said…
What a great rearranging project. Also like the cross window with the city street outside....
spirit2go team said…
sounds great. love the welcome evoked, threaded with the rythym of prayer. i love reading this blog and sensing change, not from pragmatism, but deeply spiritual places

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