Last week was busy. A week ago I was in Wellington for the ordination of Justin Duckworth as bishop of Wellington, an event which is beautifully covered on the Taonga website and about which I can't say more than the obvious: it was moving and humbling to be present with over 1200 people in Wellington Cathedral at an event which is a significant marker of a massive shift in our church's self understanding.

I arrived home from Wellington about 8pm and at 5 the next morning drove to Arrowtown and Queenstown for Wakatipu parish's patronal festival. It was -7 at Arrowtown but the roads were free of Ice and the celebrations were, as usual, gracious and friendly and stylish. Wakatipu parish has more than its fair share of talented and imaginative people so the services and dinner went without a hitch- except of course for the fire alarm caused by the sprinkler system in the hall freezing up and blowing a plug, but noone seemed at all fazed by that.

For the few days following, I started to put down on paper, though not in a form that might yet be legible to anyone but me, what our diocese might look like in two years time after we have radically rearranged it. I have come up with two possibilities and realise that there may be more yet. These will need to be properly costed before they can be sensibly discussed, and this will be done well before our Diocesan Synod meets in September. I also read my way through the three inch pile of paper that will be discussed at General Synod in the next week.

I am now in Fiji, in a hotel near Nadi airport. The General Synod meets here from tomorrow onward, and some of the matters to be discussed will be contentious, particularly those related to sexuality and marriage. There is also a potentially tricky discussion to be had on the allocation of money from the St. John's College Trust. I am not sure how any of it will pan out over the next week, but I'll try and check in here from time to time. The wifi at this hotel doesn't reach as far as my room, and I can't transfer pictures from my camera to my iPad, but I'll do my best. We live in interesting times. The church we are all so familiar with is in the middle of one of the greatest changes in its history, perhaps the greatest change since Constantine. But right now it's time to put on a purple shirt and go and drink some kava.


Elaine Dent said…
May you hear and lead (if that is your responsibility as it is for our Bishop) the clarity of the peace-giving Spirit in the midst of anxious deliberations.
Thank you, Bishop Kelvin, for sharing your thoughts with us. Many the Holy Spirit richly bless the General Synod gathering in Fiji. Our prayers are with you all as you discuss many important matters on the agenda. Try to keep Cool, Calm and Collected.

Agape, Fr. Ron
liturgy said…
God's richest blessings on your deliberations. And thank you so much for helping to keep the rest of us in touch with what is happening there.