On The Road Again

I had a day or two at home, and am writing this from Te Anau. I drove down this morning under a cloudless mid winter sky with the caravan bucking and swaying in a fairly brisk Nor'Wester. By Lumsden the clouds had started to gather, and by Te Anau the rain had set in. I've seen a few people and had dinner with the vestry and a chat about how things are going and what it will all mean for the Fiordland parish. Tomorrow I'm heading for Tuatapere and possibly points further South, then home on Thursday.

It's easy to be here, and the opportunity for unrushed talking is invaluable. I'm parked in a fairly prominent and public place, so I'm functioning as as sort of living billboard for the Anglican Church at work in the community; and because I am so visible, I have been able to use the caravan as interview space very successfully today.


Elaine Dent said…
Like the idea of he caravan so much.
1Grahame said…
With apologies to President Kennedy, ask not what your synod can do for you but rather what you can do for your Synod. Ask not what God can do for you but ask what you can do for God. Bishop Kelvin is calling in your area, go and ask him what you can do, ask him what is needed, and offer him your thoughts. Well done Bishop, this just might be the game breaker we need.