Baby Photos

The following photos of my Grand daughter Naomi are not mine. I am sharing them because they sum up for me who and what this little person is.

This first one was taken by my son Nick, Naomi's father. I think you'll agree, he's becoming a very accomplished portrait photographer.

 These two were taken by my daughter in law, Charmayne. This first one was taken in Sydney in early August when Naomi was about 1 and had been walking for a month or so.

I love the bright splash of pink in the muted street scene.

The second was taken last week at a Sydney aquarium. I love this picture as it captures her whole attitude to life. I particularly like the little hands splayed on the glass.


Elaine Dent said…
Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing.
Katherine said…
Wow. They are each, delightful. Classy art, wonderful records.
Anonymous said…
Lovely child.
May her heart be as beautiful as her face!