A Slight Change of Plans

We had planned to dawdle up the South Island towing a caravan, see my whanau in Nelson and then dawdle back again. But two nights ago I developed a dull ache in one of my molars which turned into a very bright ache indeed and within a very short time went on to qualify as a fully certified genius of an ache. Luckily my dentist started back from his holidays the following day and could see me first thing in the morning. One root canal later I am able to sleep without mainlining codeine, but will need to see him again in a week to get part two done: 90 minutes of staring at his ceiling and trying to reply to his chat with several thousand dollars worth of ironmongery in my mouth. So, we will be belting up the country, seeing some of the best and wisest people I know and belting home again. I'll try and keep you posted


NIE said…
Hope you got there before the NZTA read your penultimate sentence! Go well, you two. Prayers for inspirational meetings with family and friends.
Katherine said…
Oh no, I missed this post. Sorry about you. Maybe you could fit the meander-holiday later in the year?