General Synod 2014 Day One

I woke early this morning and re read the first 5 chapters of Matthew's Gospel, particularly chapter 4 which details the beginning of Jesus ministry and the Beatitudes in Chapter 5. I did this because last night at dinner Archbishop Brown Turei based his synod address on the beatitudes. His korero was humble, wise, holy, gently humorous, strongly rooted in the Kingdom and deeply considered - a bit like Archbishop Brown himself. I was very moved by it, as I was by Phillip Richardson whose address this morning used the same passage.

The day began with a Eucharist at 7 am, which was followed by a meeting over breakfast which lasted until synod met for its first business session at 8:15 am. After the usual necessary procedural motions we were addressed by Archbishop Phillip and then by the members of the Ma Whea Commission. For an hour the commissioners presented their report and explained its various sections. We then met to discuss it. Early in the discussion we divided into houses, that is, lay clergy and bishops met separately. That discussion continued all day and will continue tomorrow, when perhaps I will have something to tell you about what was decided.

Talking has, of course, continued during meal breaks. All day I have been hugely impressed by the quality of the conversations I have been part of. People have engaged deeply and honestly, all of them seeking to further God's Kingdom, albeit in sometimes very different ways. Kaz Yung of Wellington has organised an all night prayer vigil in which I will take part.  I hope that the quietness of tonight will enable some of those deep conversations to bear fruit in wisdom, and that we will truly follow Jesus into the new day tomorrow


liturgy said…
We are joining you in the prayer vigil - from a distance.
Leo Te Kira said…
Tena koe Pihopa Kelvin
Just a priest, Leo Te Kira, originally from Wellington City and the Diocese of Te Upoko, now ministering in Napier with Waiapu.

As you make your posts from synod in Te Taitokerau on deep matters such as spirituality, culture and sexuality you wouldn't believe how moving I'm finding them.

Ma te Atua koutou o Hinota e whakakaha, e whakahou
Kelvin Wright said…
Thank you, both of you. Your prayerful support is deeply appreciated.
kaz yung said…
Kia ora +Kelvin,
Thank YOU for not only being part of the prayer vigil, but also inspiring & engaging others who joined in for the prayer vigil (thank you all too!).
It's easy for us all to get caught up in the "doing" and simply forget to "be" in the presence of God. Glad to have been on this GSTHW journey with you. Have appreciated your whakaaro & presence this past week.