Hikoi Photos

I carried a camera with me for most of Te Harinui - our Hikoi of Joyful News - but I seldom used it. Nevertheless, here is a selection of my few Hikoi pictures.

Day one began with this sunrise over Invercargill

After breakfast we took the plane to Stewart Island. The aircraft for this route are  Britten Norman Islanders, "The Landrovers of the Skies" robust little machines that rattle and leak but are virtually indestructable. They are piloted by young people who are usually in hot demand by other airlines for the large experience they pack into relatively few years.

On Stewart Island Wynston Cooper led us on a preliminary guided tour of the Ulva wildlife sanctuary

The following days took us through a progression of Southland and Otago landscapes

Every week there was a regional event. This one, in Wanaka

The peculiar landscape of Bannockburn reminded me of the American West

Part of journey was on the Otago Central Rail Trail

We also used the Taieri Gorge Railway

...and a helicopter (by a generous donation from Heli Tours)

In North Otago I was fascinated by the soldier trees: oaks planted on sites associated with deceased soldiers from World War 1. There are scores of them all over North Otago, each of them with its little memorial cross: the largest war memorial in the country.
Mostly, I didn't use the camera when there were people around, as a camera has a distancing effect and the whole aim of the Hikoi was connection. But I did manage a few snaps. 

Everyone who walked needed to wear one of these attractive yellow vests:

We walked in urban areas, as well as rural, of course

And sometimes, the tables were turned on the photographer


Kate said…
Wonderful... what you did, and these lovely images.