My phone is linked to my car stereo by bluetooth. When I get in and start the car my stored music and podcasts play in a randomly selected private programme which is sort of of a combination National Radio, Concert Radio, AndHow FM, and Classic Hits FM. I'm amazed at how often this seemingly random mix comes up with exactly the right track at exactly the right time. Over the last couple of days, for example it has twice played me David Whyte reading his poem The House of Belonging, which sums up SO exactly where I find myself.

"this is where I want
to love all the things
it has taken me so long
to learn to love.

I lie in my bed and listen to the house creaking into life. Down the steep stairs my grandson is calling. Papa? Papa?  I look at him and my own eyes look back. He laughs and I laugh back; this is what we do, he and I. My daughter is cooking an egg for him. I make tea and ask about her day. There is no house like the house of belonging.


Kate said…
Recently I read (or maybe made up for myself - it's all the same when you own it) that we SHOULD sweat the 'small stuff'. because that's what there is: An endless and wonderful, progression of nows. Small, everyday, moments.
Alden Smith said…
"..... Make use of this spaciousness, this freedom and natural ease. Don't search any further. Don't go into the tangled jungle looking for the great awakened elephant, who is already resting quietly at home in front of your own hearth... " ---------- From "Free and Easy": A Spontaneous Vajra Song by Venerable Lama Gendun Rinpoche.