Come To The Quiet

The view from our deck about a week ago, 7 am

Tomorrow I fly to Aspen Colorado, and, after a few days wait will go just out of town to Snowmass, and St. Benedict's Monsastery where I'm taking part in a ten day post intensive Centering Prayer retreat. It's silent, not even any eye contact, and involves many hours a day in concentrated meditation. Am I looking forward to it? Well, actually, no. There will be no escape, nothing that must urgently need attending to, no knock at the door or phone call to save me from facing myself. But I know that's where I need to be. And I know I will be in good hands.

There's no internet and no cellphone coverage, so I'll be out of touch. Clemency and Debbie will have a phone number where I can be reached but I'm not expecting either of them to use it.


Alden Smith said…
I would find 10 continuous days of long meditation sessions pretty daunting. I think its a courageous undertaking! I am looking forward to one of your usual erudite blog postings regarding your experiences on your return. Go well my old friend.
Elaine Dent said…
Blessings on this spiritual journey, so different than a pilgrimage on the Camino! May the deep silence be full of grace. You will be in my prayers. (And in spite of the bitter cold and snow that continues here in the east, Colorado looks like it will greet you with mild weather.)
Jenny Woolf said…
Quite alarming. And yet something that would be wonderful to do.
Kate said…
Wow. I would love to do this. I think. Bon voyage Kelvin!
(I thought I posted this, but maybe I didn't)