Early Morning Drive Home

I was in Te Anau for a couple of days this week. On Maundy Thursday I left in the dark for a gentle cruise home in time for the midday service in the Cathedral


Elaine Dent said…
I do believe you are one of those people who prays with a camera. Awesome.
Merv said…
You make me want to be a better photographer ........ and to open my eyes more.
Kate said…
Lovely to be up and about early with time and inclination to stop and record the beauty. Thank you!
*happy sigh*
So beautiful. The changing sky... Happy Easter.
John said…
Thanks for sharing your Journey (in both senses).Do you know Eddie Askew's Meditations and Prayers, published byThe Leprosy Mission International?He too was an artist. Incidentally, he mentions a book byy Vincent J. Donovan entitled "Christianity Rediscovered" which might revolutionize our missionary outreach if wisely applied to our situation.
John Gregory. Oamaru Lay Minister Emeritus.