This morning I assembled the gear I will be taking with me on the Camino del Norte in just under 2 weeks time.

My gear list is:

1 Osprey Talon 44 pack, with hydration bladder, pack liner and pack cover
1 pair Salomon Cosmic boots.
1 pair Teva sandals
3 pair socks
2 pairs lightweight hiking pants with zip off legs.
3 T shirts (1x merino, 2x polypropylene)
3 pairs underpants (polypropylene)
1 lightweight merino pullover
2 lightweight hiking shirts
Waterproof jacket (lightweight Marmot  Goretex )
Waterproof overtrousers
1 season sleeping bag (packs down REALLY small)
Oilskin hat
2 neck scarves
Large enamel mug
Folding cutlery set
Lightweight hiking towel
Cell phone and charger
Waterproof, shockproof camera and charger
Small notebook and pen
1 copy of Perazzoli and Whitson's The Northern Caminos
Various documents
Small medical kit to treat blisters, headaches and other ailments I might be prone to.

I also need a knife big enough to cut bread and sharp enough to slice tomatoes. Obviously these characteristics would lend themselves to my slaughtering the crew and flying the plane to Baghdad, so I'll need to buy that in Spain, probably at the same time and place when I get the large stick suitable for leaning on and scaring dogs - and also of course for jihads.

After getting all this stuff together, I set aside what I intend to wear on the plane and packed the rest.
So far, so good. Now for the moment of truth. I weighed it.
Darn! 120 grams over. I want it under 7kg so it can go as cabin baggage on planes. EasyJet who we will be using in Europe are particularly fussy about this.  I can easily solve the problem by wearing my raincoat on the plane  and putting the notebook in the pocket. Just the thing for a Spanish summer.


Kate said…
Oooh, I am getting excited for you both! I love packing ultra-carefully and small (don't always do it tho') and winging away somewhere where the days are simpler. Feliz caminar!
Alden Smith said…
"3 pairs underpants (polypropylene)" - far too much information.

Are you packing a roll of sturdy 8 ply bog paper in your toiletries?

I have just returned from 4 weeks in the UK, France and Italy where the temperatures got as high as 35 degrees (and this is early in the northern summer season) - Good luck and keep hydrated!
Kay said…
Well done.. have never been able to get my camino pack under 8 kilos despite much weighing!
Kelvin Wright said…
Yep, it's going to be warmish, Alden. It'll be along the coast, so it won't be extreme; probably low to mid thirties, but about a week from the finish we turn inland and start to climb, and it might get into the 40s. We'll walk very early in the morning, aiming to be at our destination around 1. And yes. Toilet paper. Thanks for reminding me.

Kay, the pack will get a bit heavier than that. By the time we fill the water pouches and add a bit of food we''ll be carrying around 9kg. It's important to keep the packs under 7kg for the planes though; the alternative is paying 125 Euros -each - to put them in the hold. Once we reach Santiago all the toiletries and toothpaste and so forth can be ditched.

Y Gracias, Katarina, por sus amables deseos ti.