10 Rules For The Camino Santiago

1. Travel light.
2. Travel lighter still. You think you need that? Really? Give it to another pilgrim. Post it home. Throw it away. You can get rid of another kg yet.
3. Never pass an open church without going into it.
4. Never pass a Fuente without drinking from it and giving thanks: for whoever put it there; for your baptism; for the Living Water.
5. Blisters are the surfacing of minor irregularities in your body. Drain them quickly or they'll spread. Cover them when walking, but, whenever possible, expose them to light and air. When irregularies of your mind or your spirit surface, as they inevitably will, treat the resulting problems in the same way.
6. Walk within yourself. 
7. Your body is wise. Listen to it.
8. The path is wise. Listen to it.
9. Learn enough Spanish to be able to order a meal or some groceries and manage the payment afterwards.
10. You're making your own Camino for your own reasons and in your own way.  So is everyone else, even your closest travelling companion. Respect that.

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Kay said…
What a great list. I'd add "don't worry about getting lost.. you will and it won't matter"
Sue M said…
Totally agree on the don't worry about getting lost etc you will be pointed back to the Way by someone you would not have otherwise connected with, a Blessing!
Hiking poles are the best-Kiwis need to love them!
Sue Milner
Sue M said…
I concur with Kay's comment and would add that - when some one points you back to The Way, it's an encounter you may not otherwise have, it 's a Blessing.