My Dunedin. 2.

 An old Baptist church, soon to be a home for the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra, but it has done duty as a bar and as offices
 Sitting next door is another recycled building
The Anderson's Bay Causeway, built by prisoners brought south from Parihaka. These people were jailed for the heinous crime of peacefully protesting the wholesale theft of their ancestral lands.  
 Otakau Marae, from which the province of Otago derives its name.
 Clemency taking a Sunday drive in St Clair. And yes, that IS a genuine AC Cobra.
 The University of Otago. The first and best University in the country. Still developing, still going from strength to strength
 Baldwin Street. The steepest street in the world.
A clear, crisp, bright morning on Highgate.


Alden Smith said…
The contrast of light in the last photo is particularly good, with the light shining on the gables against the last of the night in the background.