My Dunedin. 4

 So what's a city without its people? Here are a few of my fellow citizens, human or otherwise.
 My daughters, both students of Otago University when this was taken
 St. John's parish fair
 Taking in the sights from the top of Mt. Cargill
 Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world. (to be perfectly frank I know of a steeper one in Dunedin, but this is more accessible for the tourists)
 Baldwin Street
 We have a long proud history of education. Our university was the first in the country. We had the first woman graduate in the contry and the first woman doctor. This is prizegiving at Otago Girl's High School, the first state run school for girls in Australasia, and one of the first in the world. It is constantly ranked amongst the highest achieving schools in the country and I'm pretty proud that my daughters went there. (Catherine's friend Helen is just getting a prize)  
 Evening worship, St. John's Roslyn
There is a long and deep musical tradition in the city. Combined school choirs sing on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral
The City is named for Edinburgh. Dun = Burgh =Hill. The names of both cities means Edin's Hill.
 Albatrosses are a common sight if you go just a few km offshore. I have twice seen them from my house
 This is one of the big ones, a Royal with a 9 ft wingspan
Fur seals and sea lions are quite common on the beaches 
A Hoiho - a Yellow Eyed Penguin. An endangered species but not infrequently seen