One Foot After the Other

The photo above is the first one I ever posted to this blog, back when I began it 8 years ago. I started blogging to  record  a study leave I was taking back then. I intended a sort of philosophical musing for a small group of friends and acquaintances, and the blog was called ReVision. Now with a new name; 602 posts; about 1,000 photographs; 2 sabbaticals; 4 trips to Europe and others to The Pacific, the USA and Australia; 2 pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela and one across Otago and Southland; a diagnosis of and treatment for cancer; the marriage of two children and the births of three grandchildren; the varied departures and arrivals of people very dear to me; and my election and ministry as bishop later,  here I am making a start again.

I'm beginning another pilgrimage.

Like the others this one will last 40 days. Like the others I have some clear ideas where it is going but I know it is going to surprise me. Unlike the others this one will not involve any walking, or at least no more than usual. This will be a journey of the soul, and, very much like the others will involve me following a path that thousands have trod before me. This is the one from Ash Wednesday to Easter. Of course this is a well known, often travelled route for me, but this year I am doing something I find just a little scary. I'm doing it publicly, recording it here, on this blog. Also like the others I am not sure I am actually going to be able to finish what I started but I know that the way ahead is to take one day at a time; make the 800 km journey by not thinking too much about it and just placing one foot after the other.

In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined, on April 28 2008,  that  first day when I sat down in front of my computer and knocked out a post to my new blog, where my life was to lead me. I have no idea where the next 40 days will take me. But walk with me if you will; I'd really like that. 


Merv said…
Right there with ya!
Sarah McMillan said…
Hello Kelvin would love to follow.

Alden Smith said…
I shall watch the Pilgrims progress.