A beautifully restored Catalina flying boat approaches Lake Wanaka for a landing

 It took one and a half hours to drive the 10 km from Wanaka to the airport.
 Russian Yak aircraft were numerous. They are comparatively cheap and easy to maintain
 One of the RNZAF's new NH-90 helicopters

 A Hercules lays a flare to distract heat seeking missiles.
 The star of the show. A Messerschmidt ME 109, one of the mainstays of the Luftwaffe fighter force in WW2

  A voice from my past. The distinctive drone of Harvard trainers, common in the skies over Christchurch when I was a boy

 A couple of Japanese fighters.
 Harvard pilot
 This plane obligingly raced a Holden V8 car (it won) and an MV Augusta motorbike (it lost)

 Coming home the hard way
 A Dominie airliner, one of NAC (the forerunner of Air New Zealand)'s first passenger aircraft.
The Warhorses organisation gave a ground based demo of old kit.
RNZAF Beechcraft T6c Trainers


Peter Carrell said…
Dear Lord,
Please do not under any circumstances bring back the Harvards to Christchurch!
Yours in fervent sincerity,
Also Once A Boy in Christchurch.