My Dunedin. 6

 Portobello Road, just near my home in Anderson's Bay
 New Year's Day expedition to the top of Flagstaff Hill
 The Rose Gardens, Dunedin Botanical Gardens
 Sandfly Bay is named not for the insects but for the high winds that often are felt there. It's not really a swimming beach, more of a lets spot the sea lion or the penguin beach.....
 ....and while it's easy enough getting there, the climb out up a major sand dune is a bit arduous.
 Mt. Cargill
 The Kailorai Presbyterian Church in its locale
 A detail from the Dunedin Railway Station
 Shadows on the wall behind a shop
 A bleak day in old Dunners
 We're a seaside town and you take the rough...
 ....with the smooth
 A detail from a commercial building
...and from a holy one.


Great photos Kelvin.