My Dunedin. Last look.

 Otago Harbour

 A local waits quietly by our fishing boat hoping for a snack
  Dusk over South Dunedin
 There's lots of ducks and they need feeding
 Sometimes the streets are too steep for cars
 Spring by State Highway 1
Looking out my back door.
 The main street of Dunedin, George St.
 Anderson's Bay, near my home
 Walking on Drs. Point Beach
Trees, Drs. Point
Evening Service, St. John's Roslyn
 The old Law Couts
Steep Streets and old buildings  are everywhere
A quiet moment in the gardens
The Farmers Market is a must on Saturday morning for fresh produce from the surrounding countryside
A foggy morning in Columba College


Sue Pickering said…
Kelvin I have to confess to being jealous of your superb photographic composition and clarity of sight and of course your camera! Thank you for these glimpses of places that are close to your heart. The title 'last look' worries me ... I hope there will be more of these gems to help us to stop and really look at the stillness and the light, the people and the whimsy of cars on the flat and sloping houses! Blessings for your day
Kelvin Wright said…
Thanks Sue. I meant that this was the last of seven posts of photos of Dunedin. I intend to do other little photo essays in the future.