Woman, behold your son...

This video clip is from the wonderful and beautiful movie, Human. This short (3 1/2 minute) interview is a moving testimony to the transforming power of forgiveness and love. It is a living example of resurrection.

Murder, such as this young man committed and such as Jesus suffered, has effects which extend far beyond the taking of a human life. Murder destroys the relationships of those who are left. It heaps up an seemingly unresolvable pile of guilt, anger, frustration and bewilderment on those who are left: the relatives and friends of the murdered and the murderer. Of all griefs, the death of your own child is the hardest to bear. Of all griefs over children, that for a murdered child is perhaps hardest of all. Which makes the actions of Agnes, whatever they were, all the more remarkable and all the more profound.

And on the cross, Jesus works, even as his life is dripping away, to lessen that grief for those he loved most dearly, his mother and his friend. He gives them to each other, forging a new relationship which will carry them both through this bleakest of losses. And in so doing he is already beginning the work of resurrection, destroying the power of death by countering it with the boundless power of love which will show itself in new relationships and in the ending of the power of evil to define us.