Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Anonymous Comments

A couple of years ago, after a series of vitriolic  responses  to posts,  I made a policy of not publishing anonymous comments. I reasoned that if people were not prepared to own up to what they said and be responsible for their own words, then why on earth should I give them a platform? After all, everyone knows who I am.  I have relented on this policy from time to time and think maybe it's time to modify it. so here's my new comments policy:

1. If you put your name to your comment I will publish it.
2. If you make an anonymous comment I'll choose whether to publish it or not.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Good to reassess these sort of things occasionally. I have been away from the blogging world but here I am again, and nice to see YOU are still blogging. And I love the image in your header, even tho it may not be new. Absolutely stunning. -non-anon.