At Last

Last hour
Last set of minutes
Last fill of the tank
Last gasp
Last call
Last cab off the rank

Last synod
Last Christmas
Last year
Last Easter in a few days
Last time under the pointy hat

Last time I'm
Last in the procession

Last smile
Last glance
Last straw
Last chance

Last toss of the dice
Last night
Last time to be
Last one out
Last time to switch off the light

Last book
Last chapter
Last page
Last word

Last thing I heard
Last thing I knew
Last thing I thought of
Last thing I do

Last will
Last testament
Last resting place
Last seen

Last time with you was the
Last at


Lasts forever


ChrissyR said…
I have been following your blog for the last year and have found it to be refreshing in it's honesty and real approach to living faithfully in this country of ours.
As a now retired (1 year) public servant I found your posts helpful as I was deconstructing one life and listening for what my new life was to become- the journey continues...

I would like to wish you and your wife all the very best and God's richest blessings for your future adventures in lives spent in His service. Thank-you for your sharing.
Christine Riddy
Brian Kelly said…
Kelvin - with prayers for every blessing on you both in the path ahead - Ultreya! (sorry, can't do / too lazy to do Spanish punctuation on this program).
I don't think any Christian retires from the Lord's service!

Paschal blessings to you both.
Elaine Dent said…
It is Good Friday morning here as I write this. I keep returning to read this. I too am just beginning this journey of last things. You voice the mind's inevitable naming, the heart's strange ambiguity with it all, and the peculiar mixture in lastness for the doing of the liturgy and the mundane. Thank you, friend. Blessings on these last few days for you, and blessings on the open door waiting on the other side.