Monday, Monday

There's still a few things to do. Tomorrow I return the car, a couple of croziers and a book or two. I'll clean out my office, and do goodness knows what with the contents. No great drama there.

Holy Saturday, I lit holy fire and flicked water over people in the candle lit haze of  All Saints, North Dunedin. Easter day I preached and sat in that ridiculous chair one last time, before driving slowly home to change and then to sleep the afternoon away.

Today I took some stuff to the dump, cleared my in tray, trimmed a hedge, cooked a stir fry for dinner, cleared out my filing cabinet, and read a bit.

I need to buy a car and there are a couple of promising ones in Auckland. On Wednesday I might spend some of my great wadge of accumulated airpoints, and then drive something plain and red and Japanese down the length of the country and back home again.

So this is what being retired is like. Ordinary.   


Kate said…
A road trip! If you want to dog-leg there's always a bed here for you (both) in Tauranga, you know.
Derek Tovey said…
Need a bed in Auckland. We'd love to offer one in our humble retirement cottage in West Auckland. Lea
Alden Smith said…
If you purchase a car in Auckland and want to test the suspension on the only piece of road in NZ that has had constant road works since 1974 (there may have been road works before then, but I arrived in 1974) you may like to take a drive up here to Whangarei.
Merv said…
Ah yes .... Monday. Not a good one at all.
Lennon & McCartney's Sunday was always on the phone to Monday (echoing the life of a cleric, perhaps); The Boomtown Rats just wanted to shoot the whole day down; and that great 20th century prophet Mama Cass (whom you channel in the title of your post) just could not trust that day.
My advice is to skip straight over to Tuesday - much more mellow.