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The Christmas Story

This is the Christmas story as retold by the children of St. Paul's Symond's Street Auckland.

Sunday Driving

Yesterday was a lightish sort of day as far as commitments go. I dedicated a new window in the magnificent St. Martin's church in Duntroon, attended a picnic afterwards and then sat in the congregation as four young men were ordained to the diaconate in Christchurch Cathedral. One of the new deacons was Jolyon White, who was once the youth worker in St. John's Roslyn and now works in the Diocese of Christchurch making sure that none of them forget about social action. Jolyon's effect on St. John's was enormous. He encouraged and taught and charmed the parish into a deeper commitment to ecological and social issues than anyone in the parish, prior to his arrival, including me, thought possible. He has a good theological degree, but more importantly, an instinct for making theological concepts practicable, and even more importantly, several sure fire ways of helping others to believe that this life changing stuff can be achieved. Yesterday's ordination marks a power