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Well, I saw the haruspex and had the entrails read. My entrails, that is. The signs are hard to read and I won't have a complete picture until I see him again in April or May, but early indications are that the Radiotherapy I had, in December, worked as well as it possibly might. Thanks be to God. It was all a little tiring. I slept through much of Christmas and for a while my foot was numb, but that seems to have passed, and now I am in the full bloom of health. Or, at least, as full a bloom as a 68 year old bloke with stage 4 prostate cancer can be. There are some clear and accessible options ahead for me, so that with continued good medical advice and the watchful and prayerful support of  my family and friends, I can reasonably expect to lead a life as rich and full as the last ten years have been.