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An Everyday Miracle

On Saturday at about 2 pm New Zealand time, our grandson Noah James Murray was born in Doha, Qatar. Bridget and Scott had gone into the hospital about 6 hours earlier and we had, of course been waiting by the phone. And the computer. And the other phone. And the other one. And then there was my daughter's voice coming from the other side of the world, telling me Daddy we have a little boy. His name is Noah. He is so beautiful. So we talked and there were photos texted bearing witness to the extraordinary miracle of the growth of this new, perfectly functioning  human being out of next to nothing in the space of just nine months. He looks a bit like his Uncle Nick did at the same age, and something like his first cousin once removed Nathan, but mostly he looks like his Dad   It has been a very long day for both of them How all those intricate organs form in just the right places and at just the right times and connect themselves to each other in just the right ways is