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Windows 8

  So why not upgrade to Windows 8? The upgrade is cheap. It's very easy, just download the updater program and the computer does it all for you. I did it the other night, but on the whole I'm still asking that question. Windows 8 seems to run a bit faster than Windows 7 did on my Acer desktop computer, but it has crashed on every one of the four days I've had it, so it's about par for the course for a new Windows operating system. Once the installer has done its party piece and the new system is up and running the computer reboots to give you essentially, two different GUIs which you switch between. One of them is pretty much identical to Windows 7 except that the start button is missing from the bottom left hand corner of the screen.The other GUI is accessed by moving the mouse into parts of the screen - the Right hand border or the bottom left corner and clicking. This second GUI is the array of brightly coloured patches illustrated above, each of which opens